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I am sure the next step will be the electronic image, and I hope I shall live
to see it. I trust that the creative eye will continue to function, whatever technological innovations may develop.
- Ansel Adams - 1983

Randy's Experience and Style

I have been a Professional Photographer almost my entire adult life. I have watched the Art of Photography grow from Black and White to Natural Color to Digital to all of the above. I have extensive experience in wedding, portrait, commercial and event photography. I have been studying and learning Digital Art since before Photoshop and have expert skills in the Creative use of many fine programs. The technology for gathering memories today is truly amazing, but as Ansel Adams implies, the creative eye must continue to function.

Digital Photography

 The digital revolution has taken over this industry and professional photographers have struggled with it's impact. The tendency is to think that the medium is cost free and easy. Photojournalism has gained a lot of popularity partly because of this. Photographers have moved to take advantage of this as it lends itself nicely to this approach. Some have moved so far as to leave behind traditional photography all together. Photojournalism by itself carries a lot of risk... a poor photograph taken candidly is just a snapshot. That being said, photojournalism, when done well, does add invaluable interest to an event.

Traditional and Photojournalism

 While I believe that photojournalism applied to Weddings has merit, it can only add spice to the most valuable and important images that are created with forethought and experience. I believe that my job is to make you look your very best and to use all my experience and every tool I have mastered to acheive that end. I use photojournalism as one of those tools, but it is the well thought out poses with perfect expressions and beautiful lighting that end up on client's walls. Many photographers have drifted away from these skills, and that does not serve the client well. I recently looked at a photojournalistic wedding that a Bride bragged had 1500 images... it actually had about 100 images taken 15 times each.
 The ‘machine-gun’ approach to photography – by which many negatives are made with the hope that one will be good – is fatal to serious results. - Ansel Adams

The tendency today is Photography by the Digital Machine Gun. Shoot enough and you are bound to get something good. I believe that Great Photography comes from Great Photographers, as Ansel Adams was, and they all posess those quality's that have always made great photographers. Posing, lighting, expression and timing, wrapped nicely around vision and experience. Some photographers are selling the Machine Gun approach as something that stands alone. It does not.

There were two flag raisings by the Marines at Iwo Jima. The first was as it happened, the second was reinacted later with a larger flag. It is the second image that we all know and love.

Iwo Jima Original Photograph  
Iwo Jima Famous Photograph


The Power of Images

 Photography is about life.. and life is about family. Memories are what we have gathered, polished, and stored throughout the trials, tribulations and joys of this world. When Autumn arrives, and Winter closes in, it's those precious Memories that keep us warm. Memories judge our lives, give us substance, and tell us "Yes, it was all worth it." I remember sitting on Gramma's old couch with the lace doilies on the arms, and looking through the many old photo albums she kept. The pictures were mostly old Box Camera black and whites of family, friends and the old farm that
was the center of everything. There were pictures of people I knew, and people I never knew. Close relatives, distant relatives, and Great Grandparents who passed away long before I came into this world. The amazing thing was how every picture, every image, had a story from Gramma to accompany it. Those old albums were a passage back in time for Gramma. I was a typical little fella who bored easily, and caught myself yawning quite a lot... but those old photos and the stories behind them were as fresh to Gramma as if they'd happened only yesterday. It was my Uncle Leonard, God bless him, who ushered me into photography... He was a good man, a great man, and when he passed away, my Aunt gave me his old Speed Graphic to remember him by. My Uncle got me started in this wonderful profession, but it was those hours on the old couch with Gramma that taught me the immense power and value of photographs. The next time you have a chance to sit with a grandparent and wander through the past... make sure you look into their eyes as they are telling their stories. I am now a proud Grampa of two adorable granddaughters. Someday soon I will start pulling out those old photographs and boring them with the stories behind them. When that day comes, I will look for the yawns... and remember Gramma.