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Father and Daughter (s) This is a special video made for my son Jason and his two beautiful daughters, Alley and Bella. There is one more bundle of joy on the way... should be arriving in February. I'm hoping the next video will be to a more masculine song... but either way there is no denying the bond between a father and his girls, and one more would be every bit as welcome.


Michigan Man. There is some beautiful scenery in this video.. The Big Mac, Lake St Clair, the Au Sable River and lots of fishing shots. This is in memory of my brother who passed away a few years ago. He was taken way too early, but left an indelible mark on everyone who knew him. A terrific Father, Son, Brother, Grandpa, and .... a true Michigan Man.

Alexandria Paige Indish. My first Granddaughter. My son, by incredible good fortune, happened to get a video of her very first steps. Watch this two part video in the video. Allie was born on November 8, 2003.. Under a full moon with a lunar eclipse. Her Indian name is Nokomis... daughter of the moon, Nokomis.

Tyler Timrick Stafford. This is my little nephew. He's a character in every sense of the word and you will see all of that and then some in his First Year video. Hang around for the end.... it's a wet one. Tyler's middle name is a combination of his Grandfather Rick and his Uncle Tim. Both passed away before he could meet them, but both would be very proud.

Wild Wild West. Monday was Papa and Allie's day. We made such a mess that her mom insisted on us using the same shirt every monday.. "The Monday Shirt" is a legend in my family. At the time of this video Allie was about 3 and her little sister Isabella was 9 months away.. watch for the sign. There is a Dance Move in here that I dare you to try. The Music? "I love her eyes and her Wild Wild Hair"!
Emily Kuehn. "Isn't She Lovely!" Watch Emily grow up before your eyes in this video that was a gift from her loving parents on her Graduation. This beautiful, intelligent, young woman is now a student at Kalamazoo College and is doing terrific... but guys, don't fall in love... you'll never get past dad.
Momma, I'm a big Girl Now! Here's another Emily video. This one is for her mom. Has anyone ever raised a child without a few disagreements along the way? The growing pains are over now, so mom and daughter can look back, remember, and smile.

If you are interested in having a Music Video made of special times in your life, I would be happy to help. Send me some details from my Contact Page and I'd be happy to give you a quote. Remember, when you are taking pictures of those kids, it's the purely candid ones that have the most impact. Find different angles and learn to anticipate and time the little people for memorable shots. A little video goes a long way.