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Becky and Brad
Becky and Brad were married at St Mary's of the Assumption in Bay City. Their engagement photos were taken at the Riverwalk in Bay City and we had an opportunity to return there after the wedding. It was a beautiful day and Bay City's Riverwalk is wonderful place for Wedding Photography... Becky and Brad are an ideal couple and it shows.
Kristin and Ethan
Ethan and Kristin were married at Wellers in the Raisin River Room on May 14th. The wedding was originally planned to be outdoors but the weather was a little iffy. The rain stopped long enough, however, to take some terrific photos on the grounds. This couple was made for each other and you can see every bit of that in their music video.

Nick and Shannon were married at the White House Wedding Chapel on March 5th. This is a couple with everything it takes to make a great life. I knew that last year when we spent some time at the Blossom Heath doing their engagement photos. Nick seemed quiet then, but he really turned it on at the wedding. Shannon is as gratious and warm as she is beautiful... I wish you all the best in the life to come.

Will and Becky were married at the Hawthorne Valley Country Club back on April 17th. This beautiful couple are close, personal friends of mine. Since that perfect day, there has been some welcome news from the Stork, and this family is on it's way to getting a whole lot more complicated... Congratulations Gramma!
Marco and Rachel were married at St. Therese of Lisieux on June 25th 2010. Outdoor photos were taken at George George Memorial Park and the reception was at Penna's Of Sterling Heights. This is a marriage made between best friends... from the moment I met them the impression was that this is a couple that truly enjoys each other's company. Are they in love? Absolutely.
Angela and Jack were married at the White House Wedding Chapel on June 4th, 2010. Here is a couple deeply in love, Angela's excitement and exuberance show's all over this Video... and Jack's deep feelings for his beautiful, petite little bride. A wonderful couple, a wonderful day.
Donald and Jennifer were married at Crystal Gardens in Southgate, on November 27th, 2009. Some of their engagement photos are also mixed in to this Music Video. Engagement photos were taken at Bishop Park in Wyandotte. This is the beginning of a beautifully big, little family and you can see them all in this video.
Nicolas and Alyse were married at St Charles Catholic Church in Newport on September 19th, 2009. Another beautiful day, another beautiful couple... and lots of time to visit Heritage Park, where we shot their engagement photos last spring. In this video you will also be able to see their little guy Caiden... both then and now. I have also mixed in some of the engagement photos...
Shannon and Andrew
Shannon and Andrew were married at Shannon's Family Home, in Saginaw, on September 5th, 2009. This wedding was a long time coming, but it was worth the wait. What a beautiful home and a wonderful place for a wedding. Again, Michigan's weather was magnificent. I'll bet Barb (Shannon's Mother) had something to do with that... she even made sure there was a full moon for the occasion.
Laura and Brooks
Laura and Brooks were married at the Livonia Church of Christ on Saturday August 22nd. The Rececption was at Hawthorne Valley Country Club. Laura is beautiful, sweet, and a little bit shy. Brooks, on the other hand, is as animated as they come. I think it is their differences that make this a special union. See for yourself in this fun video.
Nicole and Eric were married at Good Shepard Lutheran Church in Royal Oak on Saturday August 15th. Another in a string of beautiful days. Michigan has been at it's best this summer. We stopped by the Wahby Park at the Blossom Heath in Saint Clair Shores to get a few shots where we also did their engagement session. This video makes use of both sets of images to create some very romantic moments. Photodex Presenter only.
Yeato & Wilson
Yeato and Wilson were married at Cass United Methodist Church in Detroit on Saturday July 18th. It was a beautiful day all the way around. Terrific couple, wonderful families and a very special story. We stopped by the Riverwalk on the way to the UFW hall in Madison Heights and made some beautiful images. This video is in Photodex Presenter format only... Mac users write me and I'll make a Flash Version especially for you.
Nichole and Matt were married at Lakeland Banquet Center in St Clair Shores on Saturday April 25th. It was a steamy, stormy day... the kind of day when trees get blown over, power lines go down, and people truely in love could care less. That was Nichole and Matt. This video is in Photodex presenter format only, so you will need a PC to watch it... but it's worth every second.
Kelsey and Chris. were married at Heritage Park in Taylor on Friday March 20th. Since we had the opportunity to take some wedding pictures in the same park location as the engagement pix, I had a chance to incorporate both in this Video. You get to see a little Winter and Spring in this one. Watch the video below to see their Flowergirl Kylie stealing the show. Their reception was at Crystal Gardens.
The Rain, The Park, and Other Things. When you add a Flowergirl or two to your wedding day, you just might be asking for trouble. These little show stealers can bring drama and anxiety to the day, but they also bring a sweetness and innocence that is pure and heartwarming. They are what they are. The Hairdos and the Dresses won't change that, so sit back and enjoy them...
Flowergirls Photodex Version Click here if you have a PC. This version is by Photodex and you will see a much brighter, sharper, and smoother presentation.
Vicky & Tony
Vicky and Tony were married at St. Louis Catholic Church on Valentine's Day, 2009. Vicky and Tony are a mature couple who have spent their whole lives looking for each other and it is very evident to everyone who knows them and sees them together, what a wonderful couple they are. Their reception was held at Tina's Country House and Tina's staff was at their usual, professional best. Want to see Love... watch this video.
Jaclyn and John Were married at the First United Methodist Church in St Clair Shores on Friday the 13th of February. Their reception was at the Barrister House. Jackie made a beautiful, beautiful bride... but this sweet little girl is just as courageous as she is gorgeous. This bright, happy face, stole my heart as much as John's.
Rachel and Patrick were married at Faith Lutheran Church in Flat Rock on January 3rd, 2009. They had beautiful weather right between two major snowstorms. This couple, their family's and friends, were terrific to work with... even "Crabby Gramma" was really just a little camera shy. Patrick is in the 82nd Airborne and will be heading back to Afghanistan soon. Our prayers go with him.
Danielle and Clint were married at the Detroit Yacht Club on December 19th, 2008 on what was the worst winter day of the season. This couple and their guests took it all in stride and made it an exciting adventure anyway. A memorable wedding in a beautiful setting proving that you can have a great time and beautiful pictures in the middle of a Snowy Michigan Winter.
Jody and Justin

Jody and Justin were married at the Mansion at Pine Knob. It was a beautiful day at a magical location with a beautiful and gracious Bride, and a handsome and patient Groom. The entire wedding was on the grounds of this classic old place. How could there be anything but great photographs.

Erica and Patrick

Erica and Patrick along with their kids were married at Gino's Surf on Lake St Clair. Except for Erica's Pre-ceremony photos the entire wedding was at Gino's. This is a unique and beautiful place to have a wedding.. and it's getting better every year. This is a terrific couple, with a beautiful new family.

Megan and Michael Megan and Michael were married at the Allen Park Presbyterian Church. After a memorable ceremony we made a quick stop by Heritage Park in Taylor before continuing on to Burton Manor in Livonia. Megan and Michael couldn't have picked a better Autumn day.. and this couple knows how to have fun!